Time to expand!

Often when you move into a new property, it feels as though you have so much space and you can’t imagine ever filling it all. You have a vision of beautiful open living areas and tidy storage. The reality is that it’s never long before you grow out of the property and the spacious rooms you once knew are now a thing of the past. When you find yourself in this position, there are two common avenues which crop up around the dinner table – to move or to extend.

Many people have spent years decorating, gardening and building a home for themselves. Despite the lack of room they now have, the thought of leaving all of this, coupled with the crippling moving costs, makes the option to extend far more desirable. Not to mention, that contracting builders to extend your living space is a fantastic way of adding value to your property after your initial outlay.

At CJS, we are big advocates of extending properties and have seen how much of an improvement it can have on many people’s quality of life. It’s a daunting progress for many, but our excellent workmanship, combined with our 20 years experience, puts you in very safe hands.

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