Loft Conversions

M any of our customers opt for a loft conversion for one of two reasons – either they can’t extend their property on the lower ground, because of planning regulations or limited space, or it may simply be because they’d like more sleeping space in the form of another bedroom (or two) upstairs.

Converting the loft is the easiest and most cost-effective way of adding another bedroom to your property, without having to move house and face all the rigmarole associated with it, such as finding new schools and new neighbours.

The size of most loft spaces often means you can usually create at least one bedroom and an en-suite bathroom within the space too. This is, of course, entirely dependent on your property and it’s size.

Contrastingly to how much of an improvement a loft extension can be to the extra space within your home, it causes surprisingly minimal disruption.

The ‘breakthrough’ area which is where the stairs come out, usually onto your existing landing, or smallest bedroom, can usually be done in just 1-2 days, which means minimal disruption for you.

According to research conducted by The Guardian, a well-planned loft extension can increase your house price by up to 20%.

Velux windows and dormers let in a lot of natural light which can all too often be blocked by other people’s houses, trees and lampposts etc.

We’ve worked on many loft extensions in busy, built up parts of London and because of the added height gained when extending into the loft, they’ve commented on how wonderfully light the final result in their new room is.

Because the loft is at the very top of the house, it’s generally very warm because all of the heat rises and acts as natural insulation.

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